MANTIS Tour Polyester String 16L - Reel (200m)

A durable co-polyester monofilament string that offers excellent balance of power and control.
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String Specification

Power ( 4 )

Comfort ( 4 )

Control ( 4 )

Durability ( 4.5 )

Performance ( 4.5 )

A durable co-polyester monofilament string that has been through a unique chemical treatment to offer excellent balance of power and control.

Available in 1.27mm/16L gauge.


Monday, 10 October 2016

This high performance co-poly string was developed by taking into account various factors. Our workshop gave a great effort to the project of the MANTIS team in creating a super co-poly string. From a number of prototypes we narrow the selection down to just a few. The final selection test revealed this exceptional string. This was not the end though. As a pre-production model we had to make sure this string really offers something players were always looking for. Actually this new string surpasses by a great margin the vast majority of strings out there. In order to achieve this, different methods of testing were used, addressing all levels of play and this whole process applied in a great number of testers. Among these the blind test or an intentional name of the new prototype of the X brand revealed interesting results. We even used it as hybrid with MANTIS Tri-Spin and other third party brands with an impressive feedback. Among the testers Luxilon Alu Power, 4G and RPM long term fans found it as a superior string overall! Head Hawk and Yonex Poly Tour users found it more crisp. We even thought of the enhanced spin potential and durability, giving this string a thinner gauge, yet the same durability as one of the most durable 1.25's the Alu Power. We even monitored the more frequent string breakers that need to switch from the 1.25 to a thicker gauge but dislike the 1.30. So we created a 1.27 for them with the endurance of a 1.30. And they loved it too! It behaves excellent in modern era lower tensions still giving a crisp and rich ball feedback, with the right balance of power and control pros look for. It offers the unique benefits of Alu Power that make it the favorite among pros. But our aim was to go one step further, by blending it with a forgiving feel never seen before in a high performance poly string. Available in 3 colors to also look neat on most rackets, MANTIS Tour Poly is a game changer in almost every aspect - Petros B